March 2017

K15t Software is proud to announce the release of Backbone Issue Sync 3.2.1.

Upgrade notes

JIRA 6.2 support has been dropped

Backbone Issue Sync 3.2.1 does not officially support JIRA 6.2. Only JIRA versions 6.3 and later are supported.

New features

Full support for JIRA Data Center

Backbone Issue Sync now fully supports JIRA Data Center. You can synchronize JIRA Data Center instances with JIRA Data Center, JIRA Server, and JIRA Cloud instances.

Sync Info Panel

When Backbone is installed, the view issue screen in JIRA contains the Sync Info Panel. This is an information readout displaying key information about the issue's Backbone integrations – the integration name, issue keys of synchronized issues, the synchronization status, and time of last change.

Advanced user field mapping options

There are three new advanced user field mapping options – you can map user fields with prefixes, assign a fallback user, and ignore unassigned user fields.

All updates and fixes in this release

New Features and Improvements

T Key Summary Status Resolution

Bugs Fixed

T Key Summary Status Resolution

The Backbone 3.2.1 Team

  • Tobias Anstett
  • Matthias Gaiser
  • Tobias Haas
  • Simon Kusterer
  • Thomas Walker
  • Francesco Abbundo