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Thomas Walker

Thomas Walker Last update: Oct 23, 2018

Define whether comments are synchronized between instances.


Comments will be added or edited by the synchronization user. Therefore changes by different users in the partner project will appear as synchronization user changes.


If you like to have more details about the actual author and timepoint of the comment, you can activate the enrichment where you can specify a velocity template which will generate the comment content. The following template variables are available:



The actual content of the comment.

comment.authorThe display name of the user who wrote the comment.
comment.authorEmailThe email address of the user who wrote the comment.
comment.addTimeThe time when this comment has been added
comment.editorThe display name of the user who edited the comment.
comment.editorEmailThe email address of the user who edited the comment.
comment.editTimeThe time when this comment has been edited.

The visibility of a Jira Servicedesk comment, either public or internal. Please use this option only in JSD scenarios.

timeZoneThe timezone in readable form (helpful when your partner project uses a different time zone than you).

Deletion behavior

  • If a comment has been added in project A and later deleted in project A, the comment would also be deleted in project B.
  • If a comment has been added in project A and later deleted in project B, the comment will not be deleted in project A. If this comment is then edited in project A, it will be recreated in project B.
  • Whenever comments are edited in the project where they have been created originally, the corresponding comments in the other project will be updated (overwritten).

Only synchronize certain comments

It's possible to configure JIRA so that only certain comments you make are synchronized to the partner instance.

  1. Create a group, e.g. 'Internal', and assign all users of the internal JIRA to it except the synchronization user.
  2. Switch your JIRA's comment visibility so that Groups & Project Roles are allowed.
  3. For every comment you only want to see internally, restrict it to the group 'Internal'.
  4. For every comment that should be public, no restriction should be applied.

With this configuration in place, the synchronization user can not see the internal comments anymore and will not synchronize them to the public JIRA.

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