December 2019

This release is a bugfix and security bugfix release.

Improved Sync User Sessions

We have put a lot of effort into improving the session handling when making HTTP requests to Jira's REST API. This will reduce the load produced on your system and also the number of open user sessions for a sync user. However, there is one exception to the rule: when you create a new synchronization, we are not reusing a session in order to verify that a user is using the correct connection credentials.

Improved Sync Info Panel Information

We have fixed two important bugs related to the sync info panel: first, we fixed that we were not correctly updating the 'Last Sent' field in all cases and second, we have fixed the visualization problem that sometimes the numbers looked like "-123 minutes".

Fixed Data Center Communication Problems

Some customers running Backbone on Jira Data Center reported exceptions in the logs for Backbone, related to the communication between Jira cluster nodes. This could led to problems in the admin interface like showing a dialog "Starting task on other node..." but never finishing it. We have fixed these problems now.

Security Advisor

We have discovered an IDOR vulnerability and fixed it in this release. Please read our Security Advisory.


Do you have questions or something is not working as expected? Please let us know and create a ticket in our support system or write an email to

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