June 2020

The Backbone team is pleased to introduce Backbone Issue Sync 4.2.0. This release comes with a number of new features, as well as improvements to make the app more user-friendly. You can find all the highlights on this page.

More Controlled Troubleshooting

Within the troubleshooting tab, you are now able to easily locate any error message within synced projects. You can search for a particular issue, or filter by error category or project. You can also perform bulk actions on all issues to save time solving them. All information about the troubleshooting tab can be found here.

Set User Permissions for Backbone Use

Do you only want certain project administrators to be able to use Backbone and create synchronizations? Within the "project administrator permission" section on the new settings page you can control who uses Backbone. By default, all project administrators have the rights to access Backbone. More information on how to use this can be found in this help article.

New Synchronization UI 

Create a new synchronization by choosing what type of instance you want to connect to. Based on that you will be guided through the creation of a new synchronization. With this improvement, the previous terms "centralized" and "distributed" have been updated to make it easy for new Backbone users to start syncing projects. Of course all old synchronizations will keep working and you don't need to change anything. Want to know more about the different options? You can read all about it in this help article.

Notice: searching by username

With this release, we also want to remind you that in Atlassian Cloud, from October 1st 2020 Atlassian will be removing support for searching by usernames in JQL in Jira Cloud. If you use usernames in the JQL to limit issues that are being synchronized, please change that before October. More information can be found in this blogpost by Atlassian.


Do you have questions, feedback or something is not working as expected? Please let us know and create a ticket in our support system or write an email to support@k15t.com.

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