May 2016

K15t Software is proud to bring you Backbone Issue Sync 2.0.

What's new in this Release

The following sections provide you a brief overview of the highlights of this release.

Automated bi-directional issue synchronization between JIRA projects

Backbone enables you to connect two projects. New issues in one project will be added automatically to the partner project, all updates can be synchronized to the partner project.

Full control of issue, field, comment, attachment, and workflow mapping

You stay in full control which details should be shared with the partner project, e.g. by defining the fields you want to share with your partner.

Define JQL to determine information syncing, limit it, and filter it

You can limit the issues which should be synchronized - either taking all issues of a project or only issues of a certain issue type or further restrictions.

Comment and attachment syncing

Backbone supports synchronizing comments and attachments.

Define workflow mapping

Backbone enables you also to model workflow mappings - so that the connected issues can have a different workflow in each project.

Intuitive UI

We invested many hours into giving you a unique user experience.

In-product monitoring and troubleshooting

In each synchronization scenario situations can occur when manual troubleshooting is needed. Backbone provides a troubleshooting analysis in order to guide you through these tasks.

The Backbone 2.0 Team

  • Matthias Gaiser
  • Simon Kusterer
  • Philipp Oehrlein
  • Paul Sonnentag
  • Eugen Krämer
  • Tobias Anstett