September 2016

K15t Software is proud to announce the release of Backbone Issue Sync 2.3.

What's new in this Release

The following sections provide you with a brief overview of the highlights of this release. Beside these we also included some minor updates and fixes.


We received feedback that setting up many issue type and field mappings takes a lot of manual work and can be quite time-consuming. To improve this, we added the 'Suggestions' feature, which allows users to add multiple mappings at the same time. See how it works in the screenshots below and try it out for yourself!

Mapping multiple issue types at the same time

Mapping multiple fields at the same time

Updates and Fixes in this Release 

New Features and Improvements

T Key Summary Status Resolution

Bugs Fixed

T Key Summary Status Resolution

The Backbone 2.3 Team

  • Tobias Anstett
  • Matthias Gaiser
  • Tobias Haas
  • Simon Kusterer
  • Thomas Walker