December 2016

K15t Software is proud to announce the release of Backbone Issue Sync 3.1.

New Features

Support of more JIRA Service Desk integration scenarios

Backbone Issue Sync now supports multiple JIRA service desk scenarios:

  • Mirroring (same-level support) – use Backbone to mirror your JIRA Service Desk data, e.g. for aggregating requests from different JIRA Service Desk projects

For all existing customers who integrate with JIRA Service Desk

After you've performed the update you should go to the configuration screen for your existing integration, where you will see the JSD scenario selection screen. There, you should select either the 'second level support requester' or the 'second level support provider' scenario as these were the only ones we supported prior to this release.

Default values for fields

It is now possible to define default values for certain fields without defining a field mapping. This enables you to add some constant data for an integration, e.g. the name of the partner you are integrating with.

Updates and Fixes in this Release

New Features and Improvements

T Key Summary Status Resolution

Bugs Fixed

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The Backbone 3.1 Team

  • Tobias Anstett
  • Matthias Gaiser
  • Tobias Haas
  • Simon Kusterer
  • Thomas Walker
  • Francesco Abbundo