The main entry point of the Backbone UI is the synchronization overview which shows you a list of all existing synchronizations. You can find it either on a project level or a global level. Both screens offer the same set of actions you can do with your synchronizations.

Project synchronizations overview 

Select Project settings > Issue Synchronization > ••• to manage your synchronizations for a single project:

Jira instance synchronizations overview 

If you have Jira admin permissions, select Jira administration > Add-ons > Backbone Issue Sync > Synchronizations > ••• to manage all your synchronizations for the whole Jira instance:


Backbone has a range of functionality for managing synchronizations:

  • Start/stop: enable or disable Backbone from syncing issues and issue data
  • Edit: allows you to edit the name and description of a synchronization
  • Configure: allows you to define what issue data gets synchronized between instances
  • Troubleshoot: allows you to Analyze & Fix Errors
  • Delete: allows you to permanently delete your synchronization. If the synchronization is not stopped, it will automatically be stopped. 

If you're here for the first time, you should start with creating a new synchronization.