Backbone has two options for synchronizing the 'watchers' field.

  • If the synchronized projects are in Jira systems with the same user base, you can synchronize the watchers field to another watchers field
  • If the synchronized projects have different user bases, synchronize the watchers field to a text string
Changes on watchers will only get synced once another field of the issue has been changed too, as adding/removing watchers isn't shown in the issue history. We want to improve this behavior so that it will always be synced directly. Please watch or vote for BAC-1326 to make this possible.

Watchers to watchers

What does it do?

Synchronize the watchers in the 'watchers' field between synchronized issues.

How do I use it?

You should only use this option if the synchronized Jira instances have the same userbases, otherwise the non-existing synchronized users will not be recognized in the partner project, causing an error.

Simply synchronize the 'watchers' field to the 'watchers' field in the Backbone configuration.

Watchers to string

What does it do?

The Watchers to String option lets you map a watchers field to a custom field of type text.

How do I use it?

You must map the watchers field to a text field. The mapping can only be unidirectional, because Backbone doesn't support parsing the text field from the other instance.

In the field mapping configuration, you can enter the text format in the Custom User Template text box:

You can use the following placeholders in the text format:

the watcher's JIRA display name
the watcher's JIRA log-in name
the email address associated with the watcher's JIRA account