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Synchronization detail view

In the synchronization detail view you can find the settings and specifications of a single synchronization. This includes the following:


In the menu (•••) in the top right corner you can find a list of actions you can perform for this synchronization.

  • Stop/start synchronization: Enable or disable Backbone from syncing issues and issue data.

  • Clear Backbone cache: Clear cached data by Backbone. Backbone caches data from Jira, such as a list of available fields. If a new field is added to Jira and it doesn't show in Backbone, you need to clear the cache so Backbone will load it. 
  • Resync: Enables you to trigger a resync.
  • Pair Existing issues: Import a csv file to pair existing issues. This function can only be used when the synchronization is stopped. 
  • Unlink paired issues: Remove the connection between issues that are synced together by unlinking these issues.
  • Download synchronized issues: Download all synchronized issues into a JSON file. This can be used for eg. Migrating a Backbone synchronization to a new Jira instance.

  • Take the tour: Shows some hints about the different tabs and possibilities of the current screen.
  • Documentation: Open the Backbone documentation (in a new tab)

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