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Cloud Roadmap

The roadmap below shows our future features that enhance the use of Backbone Issue Sync on Cloud. Each card features a label with an estimated time of arrival (Q2 2021) and a public Jira issue where available. We encourage you to use these Jira issues to subscribe for updates or provide input about your requirements regarding that feature


In Progress


Extension Mechanism for Cloud

Make it possible to create even more flexible field mappings, e.g. for custom fields.

BAC-1481 TBA

Initiate synchronization from Cloud to Server/DC

Enable to also set up the sync on the cloud side when syncing between cloud and on-prem

BAC-812 Q2 2024

Control over Synchronization access

Configurations need to be accepted by both sides before going live

BAC-1049 Q1 2024

Show Sync Activity

Give admins more insights into the sync activity of Backbone. For example: how many issues are currently synced.

BAC-1193 TBA

Improve Syncing Performance

The performance of Backbone issue sync on cloud for syncing issues is improved by 66%

BAC-1456 Q3 2020

Rate Limit Handling

Improve the way Backbone handles the rate limiting.

BAC-1460 Q2 2021

UI update and improvements

A migration to the latest Atlassian design with improvements to work easier and faster with Backbone.

Q2 2021

Search for Backbone attributes with JQL

You are now able to search for the issue sync status, remote key, last send and received by JQL.

BAC-1282 Q4 2021

Sync Versions Project Configuration (Cloud ↔ Cloud)

Enable a full synchronization of Versions between projects, not only on the issue. This is for a Cloud to Cloud sync.

BAC-137 Q2 2022

Sync with Approval/Review Mode

In this mode, configuration changes only go live, when you and the partner accepted the changes

BAC-1049 Q1 2024

Data Residency

Support Data Residency for storing Backbone data.

BAC-1610 Q1 2024

Disclaimer on ETAs

We decided to include estimated times of arrival on most features listed above to give our users some planning security. However, please keep in mind that those timeframes are not guarantees, but rather our best guess given the information we currently have and are thus subject to change.

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