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Sync info panel

Backbone adds a Sync Info Panel to the view issue screen of all issues in the Jira projects you are syncing. It displays a variety of information about the synchronization.


Information in the Sync Info Panel

You can find the following sections with information in the sync info panel.

Synced with

The issue key of the partner issue. Tip: by hovering over the link, you’ll find a quick copy icon.

Issue sync status

Details about the synchronization status of this issue.

  • UP TO DATE  All changes have successfully been synchronized

  • PENDING  You have made changes that have not yet been confirmed as successfully synchronized by the partner instance

  • ERROR  There is a problem with the synchronization of this issue, and the synchronization has stopped working properly. If you hover over the error message, a tooltip will appear that shows you if the error is in your instance or the partner instance.

Synchronization status

Details about the status of the synchronization of this project.

  • RUNNING The synchronization is up and running. Issue updates are synchronized according to the configuration.

  • STOPPED The synchronization is stopped. Issue updates are not getting synchronized.

  • RESTART REQUIRED The synchronization needs to be manually restarted, updates are not being synchronized until restarted.

For more details click on the outgoing link icon, which leads you to the synchronizations overview.

Last received/sent

The time when the issue last received changes from the partner instance or sent changes to the partner instance

Expand/Collapse the Panel

You can expand and collapse the issue sync panel.

  • When you expand the panel, it will also be expanded automatically when you go to another issue.

  • When you collapse the panel, it will also be collapsed automatically when you go to another issue.

In the collapsed mode, you can also find a quick overview of the state of the synced issue:

  • (tick) the issue is successfully syncing (up to date)

  • (error) there is an issue blocking the issue from syncing (error)

  • 🕑 the issue is in the pending state (pending)

  • empty - the issue is not synced

Hide/Display the Panel 

By default, the Issue Sync Panel is visible to all Jira users. This can be changed by project administrators, who can define which users can see the panel, and who can't.

  • You can enable/disable the Issue Sync Panel on a global level – or for individual projects â€“ by navigating to Project settings > Issue Synchronization and clicking Enable/Disable Issue Sync Panel for all projects.

If you are using Jira Service Management, make sure the synchronization user is member of the Jira-Servicedesk-Group to be able to see the sync info panel

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