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Backbone Issue Sync 3.0.99-AC

June 2023

The Backbone team is pleased to introduce Backbone Issue Sync 3.0.99-AC.

This release includes major changes that fixes the sync delays some customers have been experiencing. These changes are about how Backbone queues outstanding issue or version updates are done. Before this version, one customer was able to delay the synchronization for other customers by generating a high load of issues to be synchronized. With this change, we introduce a queue per customer so that only synchronization traffic from the same Jira instance affects each other.

If you still encounter longer sync delays which are not caused by lots of traffic from your own instance, please reach out to us.

Missing Issue Updates Incident

Unfortunately, Backbone missed some updates that were made shortly after the release, which occurred today between 10:00 a.m. CEST and 12:30 p.m. CEST.

How does this affect me?
If you have installed Backbone on Jira Cloud and synchronize issues with other Jira Cloud projects, attempts to synchronize issues during this period were unsuccessful.

What are the next steps?
To sync the missing updates, we recommend triggering a resync. Here are the instructions on how to guide the resyncing process. This resync needs to be done:

  • For every synchronization.

  • In both directions.

  • For issues created or updated between 28-06-2023 10:00 AM CEST and 28-06-2023 12:30 PM CEST. 

You can use the following JQL query in the resync dialog to successfully sync all the missed updates: updatedDate >= "2023-06-28 10:00" and updatedDate <= "2023-06-28 12:30"
Note: Please make sure to adapt it to your time zone, for example for Pacific Time (PDT) it would be: updatedDate >= "2023-06-28 01:00" and updatedDate <= "2023-06-28 03:30"


Do you have questions, or is something not working as expected? Please let us know and create a ticket in our support system or write an email to

All Updates and Fixes in This Release

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