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The glossary defines the core concepts and terminology of Backbone Issue Sync.

Centralized configuration

In the centralized configuration model, the synchronized Jira instances connect using the HTTPS protocol.

The synchronization is administered and run from a single Jira instance. Backbone must still be installed on the other JIRA instance, but this is only for licensing purposes. 

note: this term is outdated, and not used in Backbone version 4.2 or higher.


A field within a Jira issue. A field can either be a Jira system field or a custom field.
Field mappingA field mapping is the configuration which JIRA field of your project is being synchronized with a JIRA field of the partner project. Additionally, it contains further options like the direction of the mapping and how it should be mapped. For more details please refer to Field Mappings.
First projectThe project where the synchronization was first created.


The data that is synchronised belongs to an issue. Every issue has an issue type.
Partner projectThe project you want to synchronize your project with.
Remote licenseA type of Backbone license that lets you synchronize with JIRA instances where Backbone is not installed.


Sends the issue's current content to the synchronization partner.

Second projectThe project where the synchronization wasn't created, but which is still involved in the synchronization.

Synchronization partner

The person running the Jira project that you are synchronizing with.
Synchronization userA special user which has been created by installing Backbone into your environment. All changes that are synchronized from the partner project to your local one will appear as changes by the synchronization user.
Sync info panelSmall panel appearing in synchronized issues, that displays variety of information on the issue's Backbone synchronizations.
TroubleshootingThe troubleshooting tool identifies problems with synchronizations, and suggests steps to solve them.
Workflow mappingThe mapping of which workflow states in the first project correspond to which workflow states in the second project.
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