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Backbone Issue Sync 5.5.3

April 2023

The Backbone team is pleased to introduce Backbone Issue Sync 5.5.3.

This release includes an important update if you are syncing attachments in a server/data center to cloud sync, improvements to the workflow mapping and bug fixes.

Deprecated attachment API: Update to Keep Attachments Syncing

Due to a deprecation in the Jira APIs for attachments on cloud, the attachment mappings for server/data center to cloud will no longer work for version 5.5.2 and older. This means that your issues will still be updated and synced as expected, except for the attachments. This won’t throw an error in the troubleshooting of Backbone, only in the logs.

This change will happen on Thursday the 6th of April 2023. Therefore, please update to this version in the manage app section of your Jira to ensure that attachments keep syncing.

Workflow Mapping Improvements

With this release we’ve made some adjustments in the workflow mapping:

  • Show all transitions in Advanced Workflow Mapping: When an advanced workflow mapping entry has multiple transitions configured, before only the first one was shown. We now show all transitions so you get a clear picture of which ones are selected.

  • Show transition names instead of IDs: If there are multiple shortest transition paths, the status names and transition IDs were shown. Now the transition name is stated in stead of ID so it’s easier to find out which transition you are choosing.


Do you have questions, or is something not working as expected? Please let us know by creating a ticket in our support system or emailing

All updates and fixes in this release

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