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Resolution can not be set


An issue does not get synchronized and appears in the troubleshooting section with the category 'resolution cannot be set' and a message containing, e.g. 'Resolution "Done" (1) can not be set for transition "Close" (31)' or similar.


In Backbone 4.1.x we have introduced a new resolution field mapping which is trying to replicate the history of resolutions. This field mapping is using the transitions related to the workflow mapping that you have configured. Therefore, if a transition for reaching a certain status does not allow setting a resolution field, you'll see the error as shown above.


The following steps should be done in order to resolve this problem.

  1. go to the project administration page of the project where the transition failed
  2. click on Workflows
  3. edit the workflow for the corresponding issue type and look for the failing transition
  4. click on it and see if a Screen is associated with this transition
  5. edit the screen and add the resolution field to it
  6. After fixing your configuration, perform a retry if you have only changed your workflow configuration

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