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Configuring the synchronization user

Before you are able to configure a synchronization, you need to create a synchronization user. The synchronization user is a normal Jira user that Backbone uses to apply incoming issue updates and also to detect changes. Every synchronized Jira instance requires its own synchronization user.

This article explains how to create and configure the synchronization user correctly.

1. Create the synchronization user

Since the synchronization user is a Jira user, you create it just like you create a normal Jira user. Please note:

  • You shouldn't log in and make manual changes as this user – it should only be used by Backbone. This is because changes made by the synchronization user are never synchronized by Backbone
  • Only one synchronization user is required per instance, because the synchronization user can be re-used for multiple synchronizations
  • You need to create a synchronization user in every Jira instance you are synchronizing

2. Assign the required permissions

Just like a normal Jira user, the synchronization user requires certain permissions to perform certain actions – such as creating issues or transitioning workflow statuses.

Basic configuration

The simplest method is to add the synchronization user to the 'Project administrators' role in all projects you want to synchronize.

The synchronization user will then be able to perform all required actions.

Advanced configuration

In situations where you want more fine grained control, you can assign the sync user only the permissions it needs to perform the actions you require.

FunctionalityRequired permissions
Initial synchronization creation
  • Administer Projects
Synchronize issues
  • Browse Projects
  • Create Issues
  • Edit Issues
Synchronize workflow statuses
  • Administer projects
  • Transition Issues
Synchronize comments
  • Add Comments
  • Edit Own Comments
  • Delete Own Comments
Synchronize attachments
  • Create Attachments
  • Delete Own Attachments
Synchronize watchers
  • Manage Watchers
Synchronize issue links
  • Link Issues
Use sync info panel
  • Edit Issues
  • Administer Projects

If you are synchronizing a Jira Service Management project, please assign the sync user to the 'Service Desk Team' role and make him a Service Desk Agent. Otherwise you won't be able to use all Jira Service Management features within your synchronizations. Read more in the help articles about Jira Service Management.

So, now you have a synchronization user for each Jira you want to connect, you can now start to create a synchronization.

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