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Synchronize only certain issues

This use case describes some examples of synchronizing only certain issues by filtering issues with a JQL statement. This can be helpful when you only want to sync a subset of issues from a certain issue type.

Example use cases

Only sync issues in a certain status 

You might only want to sync an issue when it's in a certain status.

  • Example: you have the following statuses for an issue: Open, In Progress, Under Review and Closed. You only want issues that are In Progress and Under Review to be synced to the other project.
  • JQL statement: Status in ("In Progress", "Under Review")

Only sync issues with a certain value for a custom field 

You might have set up some custom fields and based on the value of this field you want to synchronize it to the other project or not. 

  • Example: you have the custom field "ComputerProblem" with the values "Hardware" and "Software". You only want issues with the value "Hardware" to be synced to the other project.
  • JQL statement: ComputerProblem = "Hardware"

Only sync issues based on date 

You might only want to synchronize issues that are created after, before or on certain dates. 

  • Example: you don't want all your old issues to be synced, only issues that are created after setting up the synchronization on the 9th of July 2019 should be synced to the other project.
  • JQL statement: createdDate >= 2019-07-09 

Only sync issues with a certain label 

You might have a label specified and only issues with that label should be synchronized.

  • Example: You want your users to specify for each issue if it should be synced to the other project by giving it the label "BackboneSync"
  • JQL statement: labels = "BackboneSync"

Configuration guide

This guide explains how you can limit which issues are synchronized between two projects.  

  1. Create a new synchronization between two projects.
  2. Configure Issue Type Mappings and Field Mappings.
  3. Go to Configuration > Issue Types > Limit issues and add your JQL statement for limiting issues to the project it should be applied to. 

Congratulations! The basic configuration is now complete. You can now add AttachmentComment or Workflow Mappings if desired.

Good to know

  • You can build your own JQL statement to make your custom selection of issues to be synced. The cases above are only some common examples.
  • Note that it's also possible to combine multiple conditions.
  • We offer the options to verify and run the JQL statements in the 'Limit Issues' dialog. These are useful options to check for errors and if you get the issues you expected.
  • More tips for writing JQL statements can be found here.
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