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Bad gateway


An issue does not get synchronized and appears in the troubleshooting section with the category 'Bad Gateway'.


Backbone accesses the local and remote JIRA via the official JIRA REST API. Most of the times this error is related to big attachments which Backbone tries to synchronize.

Following reasons are possible:

  1. The JIRA instances have different attachment size limitations and Backbone tries to push a too big file into a JIRA instance.
  2. Backbone needs too much time to transfer the attachment to/from JIRA.


Based on the causes, you should choose from the following solution approaches:

Cause 1: Different size limitiations in JIRA:

Cause 2: Timeouts when transfering attachments:

  • ... increase the timeouts as described here. The linked documentation is about bamboo, but also valid for JIRA. Perform a retry afterwards.


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