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Import/export synchronization configurations

You can import and export synchronization configurations. This lets you back up your configuration, or use the same configuration in other synchronizations without creating it manually again.


To import or export a synchronization configuration, simply open the configuration editor of a synchronization, and click ••• > Import Configuration, Export Configuration, or Export Configuration Draft:

The exported configuration data is stored in a JSON file that you can import in another synchronization, or store locally as a backup. Importing a configuration will always overwrite your existing configuration draft – but it will not be published straight away.


Backbone needs to store a lot of Jira information like issue types, fields and workflow information in order to map them together between two projects. The information are usually stored and identified by their unique identifier. However, the identifiers might be different across Jira instances and sometimes even within a Jira instance. For example, a field 'My Custom Text Field' has a different id on Jira instance A than on Jira instance B. Likewise, a workflow status 'Review' of workflow 'Simple Workflow' can have a different identifier than a status 'Review' of workflow 'My  Advanced Workflow'. Therefore we suggest to always double-check the imported configuration data before publishing it.

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