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Issue history – how it's handled

All Jira issues contain a history tab that displays all changes made to that issue.

This article explains how the issue history is handled when issues are synchronized using Backbone.

Default behavior

The issue history tab is not a field in Jira – so it is not synchronized between Jira instances like fields are. Instead, the issue history is automatically created and updated locally in each Jira instance as changes are made to the issue there.

This means that the issue history behaves in the following ways:

  • If you synchronize a project with issues that already have an issue history, the existing history will not appear in the newly created synchronized issues
  • If multiple changes are made to a field within a single synchronization interval, then the multiple changes will be reported as a single edit in the synchronized issue
  • All edits synchronized from the other Jira instance will be recorded as being made by the synchronization user

Synchronize into text field

If you want to preserve the history information from the other side, you can also create a field mapping from history to a multiline text field of your choice. This way, Backbone writes the a textual representation of the history into the field.

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