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Server is not reachable - how to fix it


When creating a new synchronization there is a validation error for the Base URL field: "The server '%baseUrl%' is not reachable"


This happens (typically on Unix servers) when the networking is setup in a certain way that Java cannot handle it correctly.

As Backbone uses the HTTP(s) protocol to talk to itself and depending on your set up also to the other instance, the server must be able to resolve the Base Urls, but it can't.


The following steps should be done in order to resolve this problem. Let's assume your server's IP address is, the JIRA server's hostname is jiraserver and the domain of the server is . Please replace those assumptions with your values.

  1. Open the file on /etc/hosts (on Lunix) or \WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (on Windows) and check if there is a line for your IP address containing the hostname (short version and fully qualified). The line should look like

    CODE jiraserver
  2. If there is a line like

    CODE localhost localhost.localdomain jiraserver jiraserver.local

    please split it into two separate lines and replace the loopback IP (, ::1) with the actual IP of your server. The result should look like this:

    CODE localhost localhost.localdomain   jiraserver jiraserver.local


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