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Set the Synchronized Issue as an Issue Link

With Backbone, the synchronized ticket is always shown in the Sync info panel. To have the synchronized issue not only there, but also in the linked issues, you can follow these steps: 

  1. Go to advanced settings and set the sync.CorrelationFieldId to a custom text field (e.g. PartnerKey) in the target project.
  2. Go to the target project's project settings > Automation
  3. Create a new rule
    1. Trigger: Field value changed for that customfield (PartnerKey)
    2. New Action (link issue):
      • Set the sort of linked issue you want in "This Issue"(e.g. is cloned by)
      • For "Issue" set the customfield (PartnerKey) as {{issue.PartnerKey}} or use the customfieldId {{Issue.customfield_10000}}. 
    3. Give the rule a name
  4. Save the rule

With that, the issue should also be automatically added to the linked issues. 

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