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Synchronize without installing

This use case describes how you can synchronize Jira issues with another Jira without installing anything there. This can be helpful when you want to:

  • Synchronize one of your projects with a customer's project, but they don't allow to install an app in their Jira.
  • Synchronize Jira issues between multiple Jira instances, but don't want to install and maintain Backbone in all Jiras.
  • Synchronize Jira issues with a company, but you don't want to install an app for this.

To synchronize issues between Jira instances, you typically have to install Backbone in both Jiras and get a license from the Atlassian Marketplace for both.
However, Backbone offers a remote license model which you can use to install Backbone in only one Jira. The remote license is installed in the Jira where Backbone is installed (in addition to the marketplace license) and serves as a replacement for the license on the other Jira. Backbone will then use the Jira REST API in order to connect with the remote Jira.

Configuration guide

This guide explains how you can synchronize your Jira with another without installing Backbone on the other Jira.

  1. Install Backbone from the Atlassian Marketplace in your Jira and get a usual (trial) license.
  2. Contact K15t to get a (trial) remote license and tell us how many Jiras you want to synchronize at the same time. We'll then send you a trial remote license.
  3. Install the remote license in your Jira.
  4. Create a synchronization with your partner and configure the synchronization details.

Congratulations! The basic configuration is now complete. You can now configure additional issue typesfieldsattachmentcomment or workflow mappings if desired.

Good to know

  • You can have multiple synchronizations as long as they synchronize issues with the same Jira instance to which the remote license applies.
  • If you no longer have any running synchronizations with one external Jira, you can repurpose the remote license to synchronize with another.
  • The Jira instance where Backbone is configured must be a Jira Server or Data Center.
  • The Jira instance without the Backbone installation will not show a Sync Info Panel.
  • The Jira instance with the Backbone installation needs to have HTTP(S) access to the REST API of the other Jira.
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