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System properties

In this article you can find an overview of the different system properties you can use to modify certain Backbone behavior. This includes restricting Backbone to certain projects, not automatically starting the sync on a Jira restart and modifying the Backbone thread pool parameters.

To change the system properties, you need to have access to the file system of your Jira system. Please refer to Atlassians help article on how to set system properties.

Restricting Backbone to certain projects

By default, Backbone is accessible on every project. If you want to restrict it to be only available to certain projects you can set the following:

  • Set enableBackboneForAllProjects to false
  • Specify the key of the project you want to sync, in a comma separated list, for backboneProjects

More details can be found here: Restrict Backbone usage to certain projects. If you are interested in restricting Backbone to certain users you can find more information here.

Stop synchronization when Backbone is restarted

By default, when you restart Jira, all synchronizations will automatically restart. If you want to prevent this from happening, you can set the following:

  • Set restoreBackboneStatusAfterJiraRestart to false

More details can be found here: Stop synchronizations when Backbone is restarted

Modify Backbone thread pool parameters

Backbone Issue Sync uses an internal thread pool to run all synchronizations. In rare cases, e.g. when you have a large number of synchronizations running, you need to overwrite the default parameters. To do so, you can alter the following:

  • backboneThreadPoolMaxPoolSize (default is 10)
  • backboneThreadPoolMaxQueueSize (default is 1000)

Please don't overwrite these values unless you absolutely need to. More details can be found here: Modify Backbone thread pool parameters

Control on which Data Center node Backbone runs

In a Jira Data Center environment, Backbone runs all its sync jobs on one node. By default, Backbone will pick randomly which node this is. If you want to control which node(s) are eligible for running them, you can configure the following:

  • configuredBackboneNodes with a list of node ids which are allowed to run the sync jobs, e.g. node1,node2

For more details how Backbone works in a Data Center environment, you can also checkout this blogpost.

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