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Mode: Review vs Immediate

When setting up a synchronization with another cloud instance, you can choose between two modes: “Review“ and “Immediate“. In this article we’ll explain in more detail what those two modes stand for.

You can select the mode when setting up the synchronization - this can’t be changed after


In this mode, all updates made to the configuration need to be reviewed and accepted by both you and the partner. This means that when you update the configuration, Backbone will send a message to the partner with the changes that can be accepted or declined. The same principle applies when the partner updates the configuration; the updates will only go live when you accept the changes.


In this mode, all updates made to the configuration go live immediately. This means that when you or the partner update the configuration, Backbone doesn’t send any approval messages, it just makes the changes immediately.

Which Mode Do I Need?

In general we recommend using the “review“ mode, as this makes sure that both partners are aware of and need to accept a change being made. This can prevent data from being synced by mistake causing potential errors.

The downside of this approach is that it might take longer, as both sides always need to accept the configuration. Therefore, if you and your partner want to be able to make changes without waiting for the other party to accept, the immediate mode is a better choice.

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