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Backbone Xray Connector

The Backbone Xray Connector is an extension by Scandio. If you are interested in getting the extension of have any further questions, then please reach out to

With the Backbone Xray Connector you can enable Backbone Issue Sync to synchronize certain issue types and issue fields of the Xray Test Management app. Our connector is an extension using Backbone's public Java API and it must be installed as a separate add-on in your Jira. After installation of the Backbone Xray Connector, you'll be able to configure and synchronize Xray fields using the configuration of Backbone Issue Sync.

The Backbone Xray Connector is not a standalone app for Jira. It only works if you install it together with the apps Backbone Issue Sync and Xray Test Management.

Supported Xray Components

Supported Xray issue types

  • Test
  • Pre-Condition
  • Test Set
  • Test Plan
  • Test Execution *

* Only a limited set of data is supported for this issue type. Please see details below for supported issue fields.

Supported Xray issue fields

You can configure field mappings for the following Xray custom fields:

  • For issue type Test
    • Test Type
    • Cucumber Type
    • Cucumber Scenario
    • Generic Test Definition
    • Manual Test Steps *
    • Test Repository Path *
    • Link to requirements (you have to map Linked Issues for this field)
    • Test Sets association with a Test (Link to test sets *)
    • Test Plans associated with a Test (Link to test plans *)
    • Pre-Conditions association with a Test (Link to pre-conditions *)
  • For issue type Pre-Condition
    • Conditions
    • Pre-Condition Type
    • Tests association with a Pre-Condition (Link to tests *)
  • For issue type Test Set
    • Tests association with a Test Set (Link to tests *)
  • For issue type Test Plan
    • Begin Date
    • End Date
    • Tests associated with a Test Plan (Link to tests *)
  • For issue type Test Execution
    • Only standard Jira fields are synchronized and bugs found during a test execution (and therefore linked to a Test Case) are synced including their links
    • Tests association with a Test Execution

* Changes to these issue fields are not detected automatically. Hence these fields can only be synchronized by changing another field in the test issue (like updating the description or adding a comment) or by performing a resync.

Supported Versions

We support the following combinations of different app versions:

  • Backbone Xray Connector 1.0.0 or higher
  • Backbone Issue Sync 4.0.0 or higher
  • Xray Test Management 3.3.8 or higher

For the Backbone Xray Connector all Jira versions are supported which are also supported by Backbone Issue Sync and Xray Test Management. The Jira versions supported by Backbone Issue Sync are listed in the Atlassian Marketplace listing. Additional or newer versions will be tested on demand.

How to Synchronize Xray Fields

In order to synchronize these issue types and fields, you have to add them to your regular Backbone synchronization configuration. This works as usual and most of the provided Xray field mappings can be added as a simple field mapping. However, a few field mappings require some further configuration. The following shows an example for the Manual Test Steps:

(Click on Configure)

(Select Use Backbone's Connection, click on Next and Save)

A few field mappings require that you explicitly give permission to a field mapping so that it can use Backbone's connection to Jira. This is necessary for the Backbone Xray Connector in order to perform requests to Jira on the behalf of the synchronization user. If you do not give consent to this configuration option, you can't use the field mapping.


If you're interested in purchasing a license for the Backbone Xray Connector, please contact Scandio via 

In order to use the Backbone Xray Connector, you have to purchase a separate license from Scandio. The license handling works similar to our remote licensing. After successfully purchasing a license, you'll receive an XML file that you have to copy to the file system of your Jira system into the directory under


In case your license is expired, you have to purchase a new license. In this case, you can still continue using Backbone Issue Sync but only if you disable the field mappings affecting Xray fields. Otherwise you'll see an error in the troubleshooting section of Backbone Issue Sync explaining that your Backbone Xray Connector license has expired. As soon as you have purchased a new license and updated the license file on your file system, you can simply retry all errors in the troubleshooting section.

If you have updated the license file on your file system and also retried the troubleshooting errors related to the license errors, Backbone should automatically recognize the new license file. In case it still shows an error in the troubleshooting section, please disable and enable the Backbone Xray Connector in the Manage Add-ons/Apps section of Jira. This will reload the cached license data and solve your problem.

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