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How can I only synchronize some comments

Matthias Gaiser

Matthias Gaiser Last update: Jun 7, 2019


I have setup a synchronization between a private and a public JIRA instance. In my internal project, I want to have internal comments which should not get synchronized and public comments which should be synchronized to the public project. How can I configure this?


The following steps outline a possible solution which can be further adapted to your needs.

  • Create a Group, e.g. "Internal", and assign all users of the internal JIRA to it except the integration user.
  • Switch your JIRA's comment visibility so that Groups & Project Roles are allowed.
  • For every comment you only want to see internally, restrict it to the group "Internal".
  • For every comment which should be public, no restriction should be applied.

With this configuration in place, the integration user can not see the internal comments anymore and will not synchronize them to the public JIRA.

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