Backbone Issue Sync 3.9.1

March 2019

This release is a bugfix release.

Reminder: Compatibility with Jira Cloud

Atlassian has announced to remove usernames and user keys for Jira Cloud by the end of April 2019. This is affecting how user data is accessed in the cloud and also how you are synchronizing user data. The last releases have already provided lots of updates. Hence, if you are synchronizing Jira Cloud ↔ Jira Cloud or Jira Server ↔ Jira Cloud, we suggest to read the previous release notes of Backbone 3.9.0 which contain steps you should follow.

Reminder: End of Support for Java 7

With Backbone Issue Sync you can synchronize Jira Server instances independent of the Jira server version. We support Jira server 6.3 up to 8.0 which is the newest Jira version at the moment. Jira 6.3 and 6.4 are the last releases still supporting Java 7 (JRE and JDK 1.7). With the next release we will drop this support and continue to only support Java 8. However, we will still support Backbone Issue Sync on Jira 6.3 and 6.4 if they are running on Java 8.


Are you concerned about the next steps you have to take? Is something not working as expected? Please let us know and create a ticket in our support system or write an email to

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