December 2020

The Backbone team is pleased to introduce Backbone Issue Sync 4.3.0. 

This release comes with a number of new features, as well as improvements to make the app more user-friendly and to give more options to the user.

Here are the highlights.

Provide more options for JSM comments mapping

The previous JSM scenarios which were provided at the beginning of each configuration are now removed and replaced with more flexible options. As from this version you can choose for each side of your synchronization which comments to share and set the wanted visibility. All information about the new comments mapping for JSM projects can be found here.  

Upload a remote license in the settings page

In previous versions, you had to manage your remote license manually and add it to a directory in your server. Now you can add and manage your Backbone remote license from the settings page.


Do you have questions, feedback or something is not working as expected? Please let us know and create a ticket in our support system or write an email to

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