Backbone stores its data in the JIRA database and the JIRA-Home/data/backbone-issue-sync directory. Additionally, Backbone stores some temporary information in the "". You can look up the real path for the "" in the global JIRA administration (System Info).

Please make sure that the OS user who started JIRA has read and write access to the above mentioned directories.

If you set up your backups as described in the JIRA documentation - backing up database contents as well as backing up the data directory - no action needs to be taken. Otherwise please consult the JIRA documentation.


When restoring data as described in the Restoring Data, all Backbone database content and potentially Backbone data directory content will be deleted.

A restore will restore your Backbone database content to an old state which may break synchronizations with other JIRA instances. Your instances issues may be out of sync with the other instances issues. Synchronizations on the same JIRA instance won't be impacted.

Fixing issues after restore

To get issues back in sync you will need to trigger a resync for all issues in both directions, starting with your partners instance. This will update your issues and also adopt message sequence ids in the database. Afterwards you should be able to use Backbone as usual.