Sometimes there might be the case that you want to clear the information in the sync info panel, e.g. because you moved an issue to a different project or you simply shared an issue by accident.

We want to enable this behavior via the UI - so that you can unlink the information from there. Please watch or vote for BAC-1146 - Getting issue details... STATUS  to make this possible. If you want to delete this information now, you can use the Jira REST API to get rid of it as detailed below.

How you remove the information

Backbone stores this information as an issue property directly inside Jira, therefore the usual Jira REST API can be used in order to remove that information.

  1. Determine the property key you want to delete
    Follow Atlassian's instructions to list all issue properties for a certain issue and note all property keys which start with k15t.backbone.syncinfo.
  2. Delete the property
    Delete all issue properties for the keys you identified by step 1 following Atlassian's instructions to delete them.