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Migrate a Jira server with a running Backbone sync

Thomas Walker

Thomas Walker Last update: Oct 17, 2018

You can migrate a Jira instance with a running Backbone synchronization to another server.

These steps can result in data loss

If you want 1-to-1 help with migrating your Backbone synchronizations, please reach out to the K15t support team.

Please test this method thoroughly on a test system before on your production system.

  1. Stop all your Backbone synchronizations
  2. Perform a 'standard' JIRA migration. Backbone stores its data in the JIRA database and the JIRA-Home/data/backbone-issue-sync directory. Additionally, Backbone stores some temporary information in the "java.io.tmpdir". You can look up the real path for the "java.io.tmpdir" in the global JIRA administration (System Info).

    Please make sure that the OS user who started JIRA has read and write access to the above mentioned directories.

    This will allow that data to be already be included in this process.
  3. After migration, update the URLs of all Backbone synchronizations
  4. Start the synchronizations again
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