Step 1 - Make sure Congree is up-and-running

  • (warning) Your Congree installation must run with SSL if your Confluence does
  • The app uses a shared secret to communicate with the congree server
    • please get in touch with us to setup the right one
    • we are working on making it configurable

Step 2 - System properties

System properties are configured in Changes will only be applied after a restart of the server. Please note that for data center installations this has to be repeated for every node.

The following table defines the mandatory system properties:

System PropertyExample
congree.serverCATALINA_OPTS="-Dcongree.server= ${CATALINA_OPTS}"

The following table defines the optional system properties:

System PropertyDefault ValueExample
congree.js.path/CongreeWebInterface/app/cwi-integration.jsCATALINA_OPTS="-Dcongree.js.path=/CongreeWebInterface/app/cwi-integration.js ${CATALINA_OPTS}"

Step 3 - Install the App

The app is installed the same way any other app is installed - using the UPM respectively the 'Manage Apps' UI

Step 4 - Install the License

In the UPM respectively the 'Manage Apps' UI select the app and click configure and paste the license

Step 5 - Enable the app for a space

The app's functionality has to be enabled for every space it should be available. To enable the app for a space goto Space ToolsAppsScroll Congree Connector and click the enable toggle