How can I disable the default Export Schemes on space level?


Currently it is only possible to disable the Default Export Schemes globally by disabling the used template-module. If you want to disable the Default Export Schemes for specific spaces, you have to hide them via CSS.

Before you begin: To disable the Default Export Schemes, you must log in with Space Admin permissions.

To hide the Default Export Schemes in a specific space:

  1. Open the wanted space.

  2. Click Browse > Space Admin.
    The Space Administration is displayed.

  3. In the Look and Feel section click Stylesheet.
    The Space Stylesheet is displayed.

  4. Click Edit and enter the following CSS:

    Hiding the Default Export Schemes

    .scroll-docbook-export-dialog .export-scheme.bundled,
    .scroll-eclipsehelp-export-dialog .export-scheme.bundled,
    .scroll-epub-export-dialog .export-scheme.bundled,
    .scroll-html-export-dialog .export-scheme.bundled,
    .scroll-office-export-dialog .export-scheme.bundled,
    .scroll-pdf-export-dialog .export-scheme.bundled {
        display: none;
  5. Click Save.

The Default Export Schemes are not longer displayed in this specific space.