We're happy that you've chosen Enlite as your tool for authoring and publishing technical documentation.

This article describes what Enlite is, how to navigate the dashboard, which is the homepage of Enlite.

What Enlite is

Enlite is a collaborative solution for authoring and publishing technical documentation. Technically, it is based on Atlassian Confluence, but with an extensive range of modifications that make it perfectly suited to techdoc creation.

Some of Confluence's features have been stripped out in Enlite (because they are irrelevant to techdoc authoring) – however, a wide range of functionality has also been added, to give techdoc authors all the tools they need. We did this by integrating a range of Confluence add-ons, and overhauling the standard Confluence UI.

The Enlite dashboard

When you first log in, you'll find yourself on the dashboard – this is the hub of Enlite, and it provides you with information and updates that are important to you.

You can get to the dashboard from anywhere in Enlite by clicking the Enlite logo at the top-left of the screen.

You can navigate using the sidebar on the left of the screen:

Sidebar elementDescription

Discover updates done by any author

My WorkGet direct and quick access to the work you've done lately. Whether you have edited some content (Recently worked on), or visited a page (Recently visited).
Or you may jumped to content you have bookmarked for later use (Saved for later). 
My SpacesHere you find a list of all those spaces that you have marked as your favorite spaces.

Next step: author your first documentation

Now you've learnt what Enlite is and how to navigate the dashboard, you're ready to start writing new documentation.