We're pleased to announce the release of enlite 2.1.1 making creating and managing a Help Center easier:

  • a fourth space category Help Center Portal was introduced:
  • a blueprint Help Center Tile is provided to manage tiles within this Help Center Portal* 

  • Documentation has been updated on how to create and manage a Help Center

* Additional app Help Center Theme Extension is required for this. Please contact enlite support about how to get this app.

Mandatory Update Requirements

After updating to enlite 2.1.1 you MUST perform ALL the steps described below in the according order.

1 Update Database

update os_propertyentry set entity_key = 'com.k15t.enlite.search.application-context' where entity_key = 'appCtx';
update os_propertyentry set entity_key = 'com.k15t.enlite.search.space-type' where entity_key = 'spaceCtx';

2 Flush All Caches


3 Rebuild Index


Optional Update Requirements

If you had already created a space as portal of your Help Center, you probably want to migrate it to the new space category Help Center Portal

As System Administrator you can do so by executing the following REST service in your environment (given the already existing space has key SPACEKEY):