This article describes where and how to author documentation in Enlite.

Create a new documentation space

In Enlite, you author a documentation in Documentation Spaces – these are spaces dedicated to authoring. The content in these spaces is not directly visible by your end users.

To start working on your first document, simply create a new documentation space by using the Create New... menu item from the Documentation menu in the left hand upper corner, and select either Documentation to create a completely blank documentation, or Documentation Template if you have already created a template and want to use that.

Create a page

Once you've created a documentation space, you can get started on writing your docs.

To create new pages, click the Create page button on the top-left of the screen. New pages are created as children of the page where you are when you click Create page

Collaborate on content

Enlite is focused on collaboration, so there are a number of ways you can notify other people about content that may be of interest to them:

Write your docs

The editor is what you'll use to create and edit your docs. You can enter content as you would in a Word document, apply formatting, and attach other content and files to the page.

For more information on the editor, see the Confluence documentation.

Use Enlite's advanced functionality

Enlite integrates a range of Confluence add-ons to add functionality required for an effective techdoc authoring process. There is already a body of documentation for these add-ons – the links are in the table below.

Please be aware that the functionality of the add-ons as documented in these links may differ slightly from their implementation in Enlite.

Key featureDescriptionDocumentation link
TemplatingCreate re-usable templates of single pages or entire page hierarchiesEnlite
Version managementManage documentation in multiple versions, to align your documentation with product releasesScroll Versions
Variant managementCreate multiple variants of documentation for different productsScroll Versions
WorkflowsUse workflows to manage even the most complex of reviewing and approval processesScroll Versions and Comala Workflows
Translation managementMaintain multiple languages in one documentation space, and translate content directly in Enlite or using a translation management systemScroll Translations

Next step: publish your work

Once you're done authoring your documentation, you can publish it to a publication space before making it available to your content consumers.