This document describes how to deliver your documentation to your content consumers after you have finished the authoring process. 

Publish documentation to a publication space

After you are finished writing your documentation in a documentation space, the first step is to publish it to a publication space. Publication spaces are where your documentation is made made available to readers – either by publishing the content to the web, or by exporting content to a file.

Publishing a version in a documentation space duplicates all the pages and content from a certain version and in a certain language in the publication space. To publish a documentation, open the documentation, open the versions dropdown, and click Publish Version:

Refer to the Scroll Versions documentation for general information and specific instructions on publishing.

Deliver the content to your users

There are two ways of delivering content in publication spaces to your users;

  • Publish it to the web – either in the standard Enlite view, or with a customized theme for complete control over styling
  • Export the docs to PDF or HTML for offline access

Publish to the web 

There are two methods of publishing your content to the web.

MethodDescription and documentation

Share the Enlite publication space

Deliver the docs directly to readers by making the publication space publicly available (see Confluence docs)

Use a viewport

Publish your docs using a custom viewport, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for full styling control

Export to a file 

If you want to make your documentation available offline, you can export it to a PDF or HTML file using the integrated exporters. These exporters are powered by Scroll PDF Exporter and Scroll HTML Exporter for Confluence:

PDFScroll PDF Exporter
HTMLScroll HTML Exporter