You may want to provide your content consumers a beautifully designed and easy to use online platform to access your documentation.

That's what a Help Center is all about.

Help Center Basics

There are five basic concepts you need to understand to create and manage a Help Center.

Once again, enlite strives to make this process as simple as possible.

Help Center Portal Space and Tiles

Help Center is a collection of content from multiple publication spaces. There is one "central" space managing this collection. 

This "central" space is called the Help Center Portal.

The "components" such a Help Center Portal is displaying are called Help Center Tiles.

A Help Center Tile may be a particular product you want to deliver documentation for.

Or a Help Center Tile may be some general information you need to provide, e.g. information about general terms and conditions.

Other than the Help Center Portal being a space, a Help Center Tile is a page.

Viewport and Help Center Theme

The third and fourth basic concepts about creating and managing a help center is the concept of a Viewport and the concept of a Viewport Theme, in particular the Help Center Theme.

Viewport allows you to access your content stored in some publication space in a beautifully styled way optimised for consuming content, i.e. optimised for users consuming your documentation.

Viewport Theme defines how this styling is done, i.e. which fonts are used, which font sizes, which colours...

You could be defining an entirely customised Viewport Theme to style your content in a way to comply 100% with your CI.

However, enlite already provides you with a Viewport Theme which you can use as basis for your help center: The Help Center Theme. You can create a copy of this theme, and then customise this one to fit your needs.

More detailed information on the basics of Viewport is documented here.

Viewport Collection

Viewport not only allows you to provide access to content of a particular space in a beautifully designed way. It also allows you to relate various spaces to one another.

Relating spaces in this way is called a Viewport Collection. Within a Viewport Collection there is one specific Viewport which serves as root of that collection.

Putting It All Together

Now that you understood the five basic concepts of a Help Center, the Help Center PortalHelp Center TilesViewport, and Help Center Theme we have to put those four concepts together to see how they interact to build up a Help Center.

Keep in mind, a Help Center is a collection of content from multiple publication spaces.

Each of these spaces must have a Viewport defined using the same Viewport Theme and each Viewport must belong to the same collection for which the Viewport of the Help Center Portal is root.

And the according Viewport Theme must rely on a copy of the Viewport Help Center Theme.


Next Steps