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Why is an inline comment I just added when viewing a page not visible in the editor?


After adding an inline comment when viewing a Confluence page, the comment is not visible when editing the page.


This can happen when you are viewing a page that contains unpublished changes in a shared editor draft, i.e somebody edited the page, but did not use the Update button to publish those changes.

This is shown by the Unpublished Changes lozenge when viewing the page. Technically, the draft (with the unpublished changes) and the page you see when viewing, are two different entities. In this case, the inline comment is attached to the public page, but when you edit the page you see the draft. Therefore, there is a notable difference between the pages.


Inline Comments will be shown as expected in the editor as soon as the pubic page and the draft get synchronized again.

Therefore to prevent this behavior from happening you should either:

  • publish the changes after editing, by clicking the Update button in the editor
  • or you can revert to the last published version, (if the changes were unintentional or experimental), by clicking ••• in the lower right hand side and choosing Revert to last published version
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