This is the documentation for an older version of Scroll Acrolinx Connector. Here you can view the most up-to-date version of the Scroll Acrolinx Connector documentation.


This page gives an overview about the terms and expressions used in the Scroll Acrolinx Connector.
Acrolinx server

A remote server instance where Rule Sets, Term Sets etc. were deployed. Scroll Acrolinx Connector enables Confluence to access this server and to trigger content checks on this Acrolinx server. It also provides Scorecards that are available after Checking a Page.

Scroll Acrolinx Connector for Confluence requires the Acrolinx Content Optimization Platform Server 4.0.

CategoryEach issue detected by Scroll Acrolinx Connector belongs to an issue category being displayed in a Scorecard, e.g. Spelling.
Check ProfileA set of Acrolinx checking options that can be defined by a Confluence administrator. A Check Profile defines language, rule set, check options and term sets. It can be applied to each Confluence space.

Highlighted text after Scroll Acrolinx Connector has checked a page. A Flag indicates that Acrolinx found an issue in the marked text.

See Reviewing and Correcting Checked Text for more information.
IssueError or style guide violation detected by Scroll Acrolinx Connector. An issue affects the Score value of checked Confluence pages. Each Issue is documented in a Scorecard report.
OutdatedA page receives Acrolinx check status OUTDATED, if the page has been modified by a Confluence user who doesn't have the permission to use Scroll Acrolinx Connector.
PageAny Confluence page
Rule SetThe Rule Set defines the rules for your checks. It has been defined on your Acrolinx server.
ScoreNumeric value that indicates a page's content quality after an Acrolinx check has been performed. Lower values indicate a higher language quality.
ScorecardPage checking report provided by the Acrolinx server. It contains quality metrics of a checked page and provides access to a detailed issue analysis.
Term SetTerminology collection of allowed and forbidden words in a specific subject matter. Term Sets were defined on the Acrolinx server.