This is the documentation for an older version of Scroll Office. Scroll Office is now Scroll Word Exporter. Here you can view the most up-to-date version of Scroll Word Exporter.

Getting Started

This section provides an introduction to the concepts in Scroll Office.You'll find descriptions, illustrations, and examples of the following:


This page gives an overview about the terms and expressions used in the Scroll Exporters.

How Scroll Handles Headings

As Confluence does not enforce proper ordering of headings (heading 2 can come before heading 1, etc.), the Exporters use an algorithm to create a sensible hierarchy in every case. This page explains the algorithm.

Roles and Permissions

Scroll Macros

Scroll Styles

Scroll Office is using Word styles to match the formatting in Confluence to the formatting in the exported Word file.

Workflow Overview

This page gives an overview about the required steps to export your content from Confluence to the wanted export format.

Comala Workflows (Ad-hoc Workflows) Integration

All our exporters do now support Comala Workflows When creating your Export Scheme, and a workflow is activated, you can define if you want to export only published versions.