This is the documentation for an older version of Scroll PDF Exporter. Here you can view the most up-to-date version of the Scroll PDF Exporter documentation.

Default CSS Styles

For a better understanding of the behaviour of your template, it can be practical to have a look at the default CSS-files.

To see the default CSS-files:

  1. Open the Atlassian Marketplace.
  2. Click the Version History tab and click See all [xy] versions.
    All released versions of the Scroll PDF Exporer are displayed.
  3. Download the version of the Scroll PDF Exporter you've installed on your Confluence System.
    (info) For example, if you've installed Scroll PDF Exporter 3.0, select version 3.0 in the version history and download this version.
  4. Go to your download directory, save the downloaded Scroll PDF Exporter *.obr-file as *.zip-file, and unpack it.
  5. Open the unpacked folder and save the Scroll PDF Exporter *.jar file as *.zip-file, and unpack it again.
  6. Open the following directory in the unpacked file: com > k15t > scroll > pdf > template > css.

The default CSS files are displayed. Most of the CSS formattings are defined in the file 'common-contentstyle.css'.