This is the documentation for an older version of Scroll Versions. Here you can view the most up-to-date version of Scroll Versions.

Adding a Page Key

To use context-sensitive help, you must add a unique page key to each target page, the page that should open when you press F1. For context-sensitive help to work properly, the page key must be unique. A page key is necessary only if you use context-sensitive help. For more information, see context-sensitive help (F1-Help).


When creating PageKeys for CHM files to be exported with the Scroll CHM Exporter, please choose an integer number when setting a page key, as CHM’s context-sensitive help feature is limited to numerical page IDs only.

Before you begin: Before adding a page key, you must log in with Doc-Admin permissions.

To add a page key:

  1. Open the page where you want to add a page key.
  2. In the Working Version drop-down, select the wanted working version.
  3. Click Tools > Add Page Key.
    The Edit Page Key screen is displayed.
  4. Enter a Page Key and click Save.
    (info) If the page key is already used by another page, the message 'The specified page key is already used by page [pagename].' is displayed. Enter a different page key.

If the page key is available, the message 'Change Details Updated' is displayed. After you have added a page key to a page, you can use the key to link to the page from the software GUI.