This is the documentation for an older version of Scroll Versions. Here you can view the most up-to-date version of Scroll Versions.

Adding a Version

A version is defined within a documentation space and represents a software release, a special product variant (for example a software build for a special customer), or different languages of documentation. When you activate Scroll Versions in a space, you can create versions and make changes to pages that are targeted for a specific version. After all changes are made for the version, it can be published to the Wiki-Users.

Before you begin: Before adding versions, you must log in with Doc-Admin permissions, and version management must be activated.

To add a version:

  1. Open the space where you want to add a version.
  2. Click Browse > Scroll Content Management.
    The Scroll Content Management Dashboard is displayed.
  3. Click Versions.
    The Manage Versions screen is displayed.
  4. Click Add Version.
    The Add Version screen is displayed.
  5. Enter a Version Name and an optional Description.
    If you do not enter a description, the field is marked 'not set' when you publish the version.
  6. Select a release date or enter the date manually.
    (info) The release date is just for information. It does not automatically release the documentation.
  7. Select a preceding version in the Preceding Version drop-down.
    (info) The preceding version defines which version contributes content to the new version. If you select a preceding version, which is the preceding version of this version, Scroll Versions displays the message 'Something went wrong! Unexpected error (Details: Circular version definition detected.).'
  8. Click Save.

The version is added and the pages for the new version can now be edited.