This is the documentation for an older version of Scroll Versions. Here you can view the most up-to-date version of Scroll Versions.

Rebuilding the Scroll Lookup Index

The Scroll Lookup Index is used by Scroll Content Management add-ons to find pages and their relationships. The duration of rebuilding this index depends on the number of pages in this space.

In some cases you have to rebuild the Scroll Lookup Index manually:

  • If (Scroll Versions or) Confluence pages are not found.
  • If Scroll Versions was deactivated and pages have been added, deleted, or edited in the meantime.
  • If the K15t Support Team asks you to rebuild the index

Before you begin: To rebuild the Scroll Lookup Index, you must log in with Space Admin permissions.

To rebuild the Scroll Lookup Index manually:

  1. Copy the following command in the browser line, customize the commands in "< >" and execute it:


    The screen Scroll Lookup Index is displayed.

  2. Click Rebuild.

A progress bar is displayed and the Scroll Lookup Index is rebuilt.