This is the documentation for an older version of Scroll Viewport. Here you can view the most up-to-date version of the Scroll Viewport documentation.

Develop with the Theme Editor

The Theme Editor enables you to edit Scroll Viewport themes using your browser.

Open a Theme in the Editor

To open a theme in the editor there are two ways:

  • While editing a viewport, switch to the Theme tab and use the Edit item in the respective theme's menu.
  • In the Scroll Viewport section of Confluence's global administration area you may use the Theme list to edit themes.

Themes that are provided by a plugin cannot be edited. Copy them first, then edit the copy.

The Scroll Help Theme, which is bundled with Scroll Viewport is an example for this.

Theme Scopes

Themes can bei either global or spaced.

  • Global themes can be used in viewports in all spaces. Only Confluence application administrators can edit or delete them.
  • Spaced themes can only be used for viewports in the space they are stored in. Space administrators of that space can edit or delete them.
  • Confluence application administrators can convert a spaced theme to a global theme using the Make Global action in the theme menu.
  • Space administrators can copy a global theme into a space, then edit the copy.

Theme Editor Features

The Theme Editor provides some features that makes theme editing easy.

Code Assistant

The editor provides code completion for properties in CSS files and for HTML tags and template placeholders in Velocity Markup files (*.vm).

To open the code assistant just press Ctrl-Space. The code assistant is opened automatically whenever you enter a dollar sign ($) in a vm file.

File / Folder Uploads

You may upload files like images, CSS or Javascript files using drag and drop to the theme. Either drop them in the area at the bottom left or directly in the tree at the desired location.

If your browser supports it, you may also drop a complete folder from your harddisk in the template.


The editor provides some keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + Space opens the Code Assistant
  • Ctrl + S saves the current file on Windows / Linux Systems
  • Cmd + S saves the current file on Mac Systems

Theme Operations

You can use the editor to:

  • rename a theme
  • download the theme as a Confluence plugin. The theme plugin can then be installed in other Confluence instances.