This is the documentation for an older version of Scroll Viewport. Here you can view the most up-to-date version of the Scroll Viewport documentation.


Welcome to Scroll Viewport – the Best Way to Publish from Confluence to the Web.

Scroll Viewport is a framework for Confluence that enables you to create simple and beautiful themes – for websites, intranets or to publish documentation.

Using Scroll Viewport

Completely new to Scroll Viewport? Check out how to get started to set up a viewport for a space. Concepts provides a quick intro how Scroll Viewport works.

If you are user the super-short User's Guide will show how to switch to a viewport, and provide information about how to make sure that the content looks great in the viewport.

The Administrator's Guide is for Confluence administrators who need to set up Scroll Viewport on their Confluence system and manage themes and viewports.

Developing for Scroll Viewport

Make sure to make yourself familiar with the few Concepts of Scroll Viewport.

Next the Developer's Guide will help you develop templates. These two resources are especially useful:

  • Getting Started Guide will guide you through the steps to build you first theme. If you are new to Scroll Viewport, make sure to go through that page.
  • The Template Recipes provide a examples of commonly needed code snippets.

Join the Community!

All theme developers – ask and answer questions here: