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Scroll Viewport 2.0 Release Notes

February 2015

We are proud to announce Scroll Viewport 2.0. Scroll Viewport 2.0 comes with improved internal architecture to allow for further improvements and greatly improved UIs.

Upgrading from Scroll Viewport 1.1

If you are upgrading from Scroll Viewport 1.1, please follow the Upgrade Guide to Scroll Viewport 2.0.

Feature Highlights & Noteworthy Changes

More Info

We thank all our users for providing feedback about Scroll Viewport. Special thanks go to Travis Smith, Przemek Kubicki, Eran Gur and Bastian Sander for providing early feedback and testing the release from our early access program (EAP).


Improved Config UI

The UI for configuring Viewports has been improved, to make the initial user experience better:

  • Nicer theme selection with preview.
  • Viewports can be configured by space admins.

Viewport Control

Goodbye Content Menu, hello Viewport Control! We have replaced the content menu (for navigating from Viewport to Confluence) by the new Viewport Control. Other than the content menu, the Viewport Control does not modify the HTML of the template, but does provide its functionality in an expandable sidebar.

Permissions for the Confluence UI

It is now possible to restrict users to view pages in the Viewport, and let only authors and other special users access the page in Confluence.

What does this mean? Since version 1.0, Scroll Viewport checked the permissions and restrictions of Confluence to decide, whether a user can access a page in a Viewport or not. The flip side of this is that a user who is allowed to access a Viewport was also allowed to access the page in Confluence, which is not not in every case what you want.

Simplified Theme Development

We have implemented various changes to 

  • Less templates needed – page.vm can be just enough.
  • Simpler Selection of Page Templates
  • TreeResource for lazy-loading Trees

(warning) Please refer to Changes for Template Developers in 2.0 for more informations about changes and possible incompatibilities.

More URL Naming Options

Scroll Viewport 2.0 further improves URL generation. It now supports the so-called flat URL naming scheme, and improves the generation of URLs for pages with special characters in the page title.

Scroll Viewport 1.0 supported an hierarchical mapping of the pages in a space, i.e., which is appropriate for most standard websites. In Scroll Viewport 2.0 we have added a flat URL naming scheme, which omits the full hierarchy of the page, and only outputs that page title of the current page like this: (452234 would be the page ID of the page with the name "This is a Long Page Title"). This is especially helpful for websites with deep hierarchies and long page titles like documentation sites to avoid unreasonably long URLs.

Additionally, the generation of the path fragments in the URLs (so-called page slugs) will now omit all characters that require encoding.

(warning) This may result in change URLs for your content. Please refer to the Upgrade Guide to Scroll Viewport 2.0.

Updates and Fixes in this Release

New Features and Improvements

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Bugs Fixed

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The Scroll Viewport 2.0 Team

Jens Rutschmann
Mario Erazo
Maximilian Hilbert
Nils Bier
Stefan Kleineikenscheidt
Sven Walter